90-Day Lifestyle Modification Challenge

What is it?:
The Lifestyle Modification Challenge (Life Mod Challenge) is a 90-day commitment from yourself FOR yourself.

Modify your lifestyle.

Get in the best state of your life.

You must be a current Adherent to The Arena Disciplina to take one of the Life Mod Challenges. Join Here

Accountability Cornerstones:

Each Lifestyle Modification tier has a certain amount of Accountability Cornerstones (ACs).

Rookie has 5, JV has 6, Varsity has 8 and Elite has 11. I recommend you work your way up to Elite.

The ACs range from making your bed, allocating time for exercise, allocating time for reading, implementing different nutritional standards, journaling and more.

Join a Life Mod today. Right now. Invite a friend. Do it by yourself. It’s time for a little Lifestyle Modification.

Join Now

  • Choose between 1 of 4 Lifestyle Modifications: Rookie, JV, Varsity or Elite.
  • Each Lifestyle Modification tier lasts 90 days (3 months) from the start date. Start when you’re ready.
  • A minimum of 5* accountability cornerstones need to be met each day for 9 weeks (63 days) over the course of 90 days. (*Rookie level)
  • 63 days need to be Disciplined Days and 27 days will be "Treat Days." Treat Days are NOT cheat days. Cheat days are considered sabotage days. You do not have to take a treat day, but don't take more treat days than the allotted 27.
  • A Disciplined Day is all or nothing. Each accountability cornerstone in each tier must be fulfilled on all 63 Disciplined Days.

Carbs to avoid on your Disciplined Days: beer, rice, pasta, grain, bread, oatmeal, any form of potatoes, chips, tortillas, etc
Sugars to avoid on your Disciplined Days: sweet cocktails, candy, pastries, donuts, pancakes, muffins, etc
Changing tiers: If you’re in the middle of a Life Mod, you can go down a tier without losing your progress but not up a tier.
Starting over: To start over you’ll have to cancel your current Life Mod and simply restart another one initiating a different start date.
All or nothing: A Disciplined Day means all accountability cornerstones were met. Even if one accountability cornerstone wasn’t met, a Treat Day should be indicated.

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